Capacity Building Programme of Senior KMC Officials and senior Elected Representatives from KMC focusing on exposure visits and interactions on Climate-smart Innovations happening in other Indian cities.

This was planned in view of the fact that in certain Indian cities, city authorities and communities have demonstrated successful interventions for making the cities climate smart. These involve institutionalizing and implementing climate responsive and climate responsible actions, targeting both mitigation and adaptation. Under this deliverable nodal officers and elected representatives of KMC visited 4 selected cities and engaged in discussions, interactions, site visits concerning such efforts.

This enriched KMC’s institutional capacity to respond to the opportunities and impacts of climate change. The tour focused on providing information and knowledge on different aspects of environmental sustainability, including water management, waste management and energy security, in the context of climate change impacts in urban areas. It also showcased efforts undertaken by city governments to mitigate impacts of climate change and adapt to it for climate sustainability.

Download India Exposure Kit

A detailed exposure Kit for the participants was prepared for this purpose.

Sustainable Development and Climate Change
1 How is India doing in terms of Sustainable Development?
2 What is Sustainable Development?
3 What is Climate Change?
4 What does Climate Change mean to South Asia?
Climate Change and India
1 Impacts of Climate Change in India?
2 Economic impacts of Climate Change in India
3 Climate Change in India: A perspective
4 Climate Change in India: A perspective
Climate Change: Vulnerability of Indian Cities
1 How vulnerable are Indian Cities?
2 Climate proofing of Indian Cities
Promoting Climate-Smart Cities: Policies and Programmes
1 NAPCC Targets and Timelines
3 NGRBA Introduction
Building Climate-responsible and Climate-resilient Cities
1 Building Climate-responsible Cities: Priorities for Actions
2 Visions of a resilient city
3 Case Study: Building Climate-resilience of Indian Cities