kolkata Climate Change cell

The Kolkata Climate Change Cell (KCCC) will be a web-enabled and help-desk based resource centre that will connect managers, decision-makers, private providers, civil society and citizens with useable science to address issues of urban climate change and resilience in Kolkata.

This will be a virtual and physical resource centre with help-desk facility for the citizens. A web portal along with a mobile app will provide information related to various building-based climate friendly initiatives like – roof-top solar, rain water harvesting, roof-top organic farming etc. and link the citizens with empanelled private providers and provide them with all necessary information.

KCCC will be a platform to bring civic managers, private providers, academia and citizens together to work towards a more climate resilient Kolkata. It will enable KMC to take forward climate-responsive initiatives and citizens to take climate responsible actions so that Kolkata becomes a carbon resilient and climate-smart city.

Proposed activities

  • Web portal – Providing Information about climate change issues in Kolkata, and KMC Initiatives to address them. It will also inform citizens how to access and use these initiatives.
  • Mobile App – Providing the climate resilience and disaster management information using both push and pull models.
  • Knowledge Dialogue – The Cell will promote and champion greater awareness and sensitivity towards climate change issues both within the KMC and among the citizens.
  • Library (Knowledge Building) –The Resource Centre will house a library of physical and digital publications / literature on the subject of urban climate change for its users.
  • Help desk – To provide practical solutions to people about various climate change initiatives. Turning policies to practice.
  • Self-explanatory models – The Resource Centre will also develop and promote simple models for mitigating climate change by citizens of their own accord.

The facility will be managed by KMC. Initial set-up support has been provided by DFID, UK Government and British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata. The Technical Assistance has been provided by IPE Global.


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Municipal Secretary, KMC