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Citizens’ Participation in Climate Responsive Urban Planning: Aluva

Supported by British High Commission, an innovative project has been taken up for Aluva Municipality, Kerala which combines local knowledge and international expertise to establish a framework to guide growth in an integrated manner to respond to the challenges of urbanisation, climate risks and impact on existing and future local communities. It enhances resilience to risks and defines and catalyses a series of early-win exemplar projects to reduce energy intensity, improve liveability and build support for further action. The project aims to deliver a mechanism built on local stakeholders’ consensus that can enable capacity building to understand and act upon short-term urban and longterm climate change through a series of processes and tools. This is the first time an integrated analysis of Aluva’s development pathway prepared and used to explore sustainable scenarios for Aluva’s future development. Based on the draft action plans Federal Bank has announced their commitment to funding the implementation of those activities to make Aluva a global future proofed city through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.