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Reclaiming Waste Dump for Public Recreation: Kolkata

To address the issues of sustainable infrastructure development and water logging in Lake Town, Kolkata, an initiative has been taken up by the municipality to promote green area development along the stretch of the canal and its sidewalk. This area that was earlier used for dumping solid wastes, has now been renovated with gardens and pavements to develop a joggers’ park with a boating facility named ‘Eco-Nest’. This initiative is also generating gainful livelihoods to the local youths by engaging them in the maintenance of the park.

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Decentralized Waste Management: Coimbatore

Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) has initiated a programme for better segregation, processing and decentralized disposal of solid waste in Ward Number 23 from October 2013.

Segregated waste from houses is collected by conservancy workers, who sell the recyclable waste to a private company who is processing it. The wet waste is composted in a compost pit near the ward office. The initiative has helped reduce pressure on the landfill, reduce transportation costs and diesel consumption, reducing expenses and emissions. Involvement of local residents and local councillor from the beginning has been key to its success.

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Recycling Plastic to Create Livelihood: Naganakulam

A women federation of Naganakulam in Tamil Nadu had taken up an initiative on recycling plastic waste by involving federation seven Self Help Groups (SHGs) of local women who collect waste plastic bags, segregate them, shred them and sell the shredded plastic to use as road construction material. The initiative is generating a steady livelihood for marginalised women and also reduces waste going to landfills. The SHGs are now looking for developers who can use the plastic for laying of internal roads of residential and commercial complexes.