Benefits Of Kanyashree Prakalpa

Benifits Of Kanyashree Prakalpa: Kanyashree Prakalpa is an important and most popular scheme among all the schemes launched by the West Bengal Government. Today this project has become world famous. The project was formulated and designed by the Department of Women Development and Social Welfare (DWD, SW), Government of West Bengal.

The scheme is a conditional cash transfer scheme, the main objective of the scheme is to improve the condition of the girl child in West Bengal and to encourage school attendance of minor girls. Also, with the help of this scheme, the West Bengal government is making an effort to prevent minors from marrying before the age of 18. The scheme has been formulated and designed by the Department of Women Development and Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal. The scheme has gained world renown for improving the status of minor girls, encouraging them to study and prevent marriage before the age of 18.

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Benefits Of Kanyashree Prakalpa

Kanyashree Prakalpa features

West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa features are discussed in detail below

  • West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa’s main objective is to financially support the education of girl child and minor girls in the state of West Bengal.
  • The main objective of this scheme is to stop child marriage of minor girls i.e. to ban marriage before the age of 18 and to promote education.
  • Through this scheme the West Bengal Government encourages the improvement of the status of girls
  • Through this project, the West Bengal government said that the child girls will get 750 rupees as financial assistance every year
  • Girls who are given financial assistance must be between 13 to 18 years of age and studying in class VIII to XII.
  • West Bengal Kanyashree Prakalpa A one-time grant of Rs 25,000 will be given to a girl when she turns 18.
  • The money given by the West Bengal Government will be directly transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account
  • One of the conditions of this scheme is that the family income of the beneficiary should be below Rs 1,20,000 per annum, but this condition is waived for girls who have no parents or who have special needs.

Benefits Of Kanyashree Prakalpa

Government of West Bengal has major focus on education and overall development of girl child through Kanyashree Prakalpa’s. This scheme is implemented to provide financial support to girls from families who are financially weak and unable to meet the cost of education. The benefits that the beneficiaries are going to get through this scheme are discussed in detail.

The main benefit of this scheme is to curb crimes like child marriage and ensure that the minimum age of marriage law is properly followed by every family in the state.

Scholarships in education are provided by the government through this scheme to maintain continuity of education for girls at secondary and higher secondary levels.

As girls are financially supported through the scheme, adolescent girls can develop their own decision-making capacity regarding the use of money. Because this money is directly deposited in the beneficiary’s bank account

Due to this scheme most of the girls in West Bengal now decide to get married after the age of 18 years. Due to this, there is a large difference in the ratio of infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate

Through this project there has been a radical change in the mindset of all the girls of West Bengal. As they remain engaged in studies till 18 years they can become financially independent and the mindset and knowledge gained through this project can be useful throughout their life for their own well-being.

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