How to get KMC Tax Payment Receipt Online

KMC Tax Payment Receipt: Residents or permanent residents of Kolkata who have shops or businesses are required to pay Kolkata Corporation Tax. Be it property or business tax you have to pay tax every year through the official website of Kolkata Corporation or you can pay this tax by visiting the corporation office. How to get payment receipt copy online after paying this tax will be discussed today.

If you are resident of Kolkata then you must pay KMC Property Tax. From here you can know complete how to pay Kolkata Corporation Property Tax and pay tax from your mobile. You can get the receipt copy of all taxes paid under KMC from the official website. You will get the receipt copy directly from your mobile through the following method.

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To get receipt copy of any tax of Kolkata Corporation first you need to go to the official website and then follow the given procedure.

How to get KMC Tax Payment Receipt Online

1. First you need to go to google and type

2. Then you have to click on the first website that comes on the search page.

3. Then you will enter the homepage of KMC.

4. Then go to the Make Online Payment Check Online Parking Space option on the right side of the screen, a dropdown will open from there.

5. From there, if you go to Property Tax option, a dropdown will open again from there.

6. Then click on All Bill option, a new page will open in front of you.

7. Now click on the Assignment Home option in the first row on the left and a new page will open in front of you.

8. From there, click on the Reprint e-receipt option in the left middle row.

9. Then you have to choose your required option from there.

10. Go to All bills option and click on search receipt option with date and assessee no.
From here you will get the e-receipt of your payment.

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In various cases, payment confirmation message is not received after payment of tax, so you can check KMC Tax Payment Status through KMC official website. How To Do Follow Your Procedure,

How to Check KMC Tax Payment Status

  1. As before first you need to visit the official website
  2. Click on Make Online Payment > Property Tax > All bills option on the right side of the homepage.
  3. After the new page opens, you will click on the check payment status option in the middle of the row on the right side.
  4. Then you have to enter Assessee no and you will see your KMC Tax Payment Status.

In today’s article we have seen how you can get receipt copy from your own device through KMC Tax Payment Receipt Online process and also we learned how to check KMC Tax Payment Status, always follow our website for such important information about west bengal. thank you.

F&Q: KMC Tax Payment Receipt Online

How to get KMC Tax Payment Receipt?

You will get KMC Tax Payment Receipt through this website

How to pay Kolkata property tax?

You can pay Kolkata property tax through official website.

How do you check property tax in Kolkata?

First you need to go to the official website of KMC from there Make Online Payment> Property Tax> All bills> check demand payable> after giving assessee no you will see the property tax.

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