Kacheri Badi West Bengal – Haunted House

Kacheri Badi West Bengal: Those who love to listen to ghost stories or constantly listen to ghost stories must have heard about the “Kachheri Bari” of West Bengal, and if not, know this real truth today. The incident that I am going to tell you today is definitely not a story but a true story and many videos have been made on West Bengal Kacheri Badi which you can watch on YouTube. Many ghost experts have conducted experiments on this house whose videos you can find on Google or YouTube. Now let’s find out what is this Kacheri Badi West Bengal, which has been called one of the most haunted houses in India.

Kacheri Badi West Bengal

Kacheri Badi is located in Mallarpur village in Birbhum district of West Bengal state. Everyone has heard the name of Maa Kali Mandir Tarapeeth, this haunted house is about 20 km away from the Tarapeeth temple. Mallarpur village is far away from our busy city traffic. A quiet village with this Kacheri Badi. The house looks a bit like an old garden house. Especially the kind of houses used by the landlords to house them. The picture of which you can see below. The house is said to have been built in the late 18th century.

Mallarpur Kacheri Badi

The house looks like an old house and there is an iron gate in front of the house. It is heard that in 1759, when Mir Jafar was made the Nawab of Bengal by the British East India Company, his son-in-law Mir Qasim wanted to become the Nawab of Bengal. At that time Mir Qasim saw a saint on the banks of the Ganges at Murshidabad. He asked that saint “in how many days can I become the Nawab of Bengal”. Sadhu replies that time, since your mind is too fickle to become a Nawab, that is why you will ascend the throne of Bengal within the last month. Coincidentally, the East India Company replaced the Nawab of Bengal and placed Mir Qasim on the throne. Then Mir Qasim started looking for the saint and after finding him, he rested his head on his feet.

Mir Qasim was then pleased and gave Sadhu the zamindari of three regions, Birbhum in West Bengal and Jessore and Munger in present-day Bangladesh. Mir Qasim’s sons served the people but his grandsons were led astray by the influence of pleasure and money. They feigned intoxication and abducted women of choice within their zamindar territory. This Kacheri Badi was built by them and there they used to enjoy themselves. They brought kidnapped women to this house and turned them into dancers. But the women who once entered this house would never go out again, so to speak, disappearing.

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Kacheri Badi West Bengal – The Most Haunted House in India

This Kacheri Badi West Bengal gradually becomes a center of sin. Various zamindars used to come to this house for their pleasure and capture women of their choice. Thus the Kacheri Badi witnesses everything in silence. With the passage of history, Mir Qasim’s reign gradually came to an end and his descendants also left this Kacheri Badi. The house has been vacant for a long time, so the Kacheri Badi is overgrown. According to a local resident, once a factory man came to this house and tried to occupy the house and started looting there. During this scavenging there was a sudden uproar and later it was learned that human skeleton bones were recovered from there.

According to local residents, these are the skeletons of the missing women who once entered the house but never came out. Being a zamindar house, the village people had no power to say anything. Many local residents have said that their grandfathers have heard footsteps in the Kacheri Badi at night. Besides, there is another incident in the village where it is said that those who saw him did not live long, they died for some reason within three months.

Kacheri Badi Haunted House

The last time a hunter was killed in this incident was a hunter who, because it was getting late, took the road in front of a Kacheri Badi to get home early. When he got right in front of the Kacheri Badi he looked towards the house and saw a woman moving inside the house. He stood there for a while after seeing it and then left. He went home and could not sleep at night and within a month the man died.

So far, let me know how you like the story by commenting. And if you want to go to this haunted place, you can definitely take the help of Google Maps. All the information and facts given above are collected from the entire internet, our website has never verified its authenticity. You can tell story or true story but everything is in history. thank you

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