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Kolkata Belur Math: Belur Math, located at Belur in Howrah district, was established in 1898 by Swami Vivekananda. Sri Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansadeva’s chief Supreme Swami Vivekananda started the construction of two mathas on Indian soil in 1897, one is Advaita Ashram in Mayavati and the other is Belur Math in Howrah district. The main function of this Math is to control or call the head office of various schools, colleges and other organizations of the Ramakrishna Mission. Besides, Belur Mutt has now become one of the major tourist centers of India where many followers of Ramakrishnadev and Vivekananda come from all over the country.

Today especially in this article we hope to know Kolkata Belur Math Mandir, Belur Math Opening Time, Kolkata Belur Math Timing, Belur Math Bhog Coupon Timing, Kolkata Belur Math Durga Puja, Belur Math History, Belur Math Closing Time, Belur Math Aarti Timing etc. Kari Today in an article you will get answers to all questions related to Belur Math. Besides, you can see below the complete list of how you can go to Belur Math from Sealda to Howrah or from Bandel with pictures.

SubjectBelur Math
Established BySwami Vivekananda
StateWest Bengal
Official Websitebelurmath.org

The architecture or temple of Belur Mutt that you see today is made in harmony with all religions. A collection of memorabilia of great people such as Sri Ramakrishnadev, Vivekananda, Sarada Devi, etc. has been made into a museum, within the monastery area.

Kolkata Belur Math Mandir

Belur Math is a holy place of pilgrimage for all Hindus of West Bengal and India. Belur Mutt has various institutions of which Ramakrishna Mission is the most popular place of learning. There are Ramakrishna Missions in various districts of West Bengal where students can get education. Besides, various health services, women’s welfare, relief funds for laborers and calamity relief funds are formed by Belur Math and they are implemented in appropriate places. Durga Puja is organized in Belur Mutt, the best festival of West Bengal and Bengali, where many people gather to witness Kumari Puja on Ashtami day.

Belur Math Entry Fee

There is no entry fee to enter Belur Math. You can enter Belur Math with your family for free.

Belur Math Opening Time

If you intend to visit Belur Math, you must know the opening and closing times of Belur Math. Belur Mutt usually opens between 6 to 6.30 every day.

Kolkata Belur Math Timing

Belur Mutt is open every day of the year but Belur Mutt opening and closing times are slightly different in summer and winter, as you can see in the list below.

April to September6:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
October to March6:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Belur Math Details: Garage, Toilet, Rest room, sightseeing

Garage- You can enter the Kolkata Belur Math by looking at the schedule above and then there is a designated area for parking your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Where you can park your car in the garage for a low price, 10 taka for bike and 5 taka for bicycle.

Rest room- There are also rest rooms for travelers where you can rest.

Toilet- In addition, there are toilets in different places in the monastery, drinking water is available.

Shoe Parking- You cannot enter the main temple of the monastery with shoes on, there are designated shoe parking areas where you can leave your shoes. Remember to collect your shoes before taking prasad as you have to exit the canteen hall through the back gate.

Sightseeing- In Belur Math you will see the collection of Belur Math and also there is museum where you can enter and see various old days informational material Cameras or mobile phones are not allowed in this museum. Besides, next to the Math there is Ganga Ghat from where you can launch to Dakshineshwar.

Belur Math Bhog Coupon Timing 2023

Coupon TimingNo Pacific Timing
Coupon FeeWhatever You Want to Give
Canteen Hall NameMa Sharda Dining Hall

How to collect coupon?

While traveling to Belur Mutt you can collect bhog prasad from there, there is a coupon system at certain places within Belur Mutt though there is no fixed price for the coupons. You can pay as much as you want but remember that the money you give is used for public service. The canteen hall is a little away from the main temple. After receiving prasad you will be taken out through the back gate.

Kolkata Belur Math Durga Puja

Every year during Durga Puja in West Bengal Durga Puja is also organized in Belur field where the main attraction is Kumari Puja on Ashtami Puja day. Many visitors gather to watch this Kumari Puja and you can watch this Puja live on various media and TV channels.

Kolkata Belur Math History

In the year 1897 Swami Vivekananda decided to build two monasteries after his return from abroad, one at Mayavati in the Himalayas named ‘Advaita Ashram’ and the other he built in Belur town of Howrah district named ‘Belur Math’. He also created a voluntary organization at Belur Math, which he started during the famine that year. Swami Vivekananda before building this Belur Math traveled to different places in the country and abroad and designed the temple of Belur Math according to the architecture there. Then in 1935 the construction work on the temple started where famous engineer Rajendranath Mukhopadhyay took charge. This temple was built by ‘Martin Burn and Company’.

Kolkata Belur Math Closing Time

April to SeptemberMorning11:30 AM
Evening7:00 PM
October to MarchMorning11:30 AM
Evening6:00 PM

If you enter Belur Math in the morning, it opens at 6 AM and closes at 11.30 and Belur Math opens at 4 PM and closes by 7 PM.

Kolkata Belur Math Aarti Timing

Evening- 5.30PM

Every day Aarti is performed at Belur Math at 5:30 PM. A bell is rung in the temple for visitors to participate in the aarti. After that, all the visitors joined the Aarti of the temple.

Kolkata Belur Math Official Website

Official Website – belurmath.org

Official website of Belur Math is belurmath.org, in this website you will get contact number, email id of Belur Math. Besides, you can know more details about Belur Math Organization, various activities of their organization like Ramakrishna Mission, Health Services, Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa, Sarada Palli Vikas Prakalpa, Vivekananda Abhyudaya Prakalpa etc.

Kolkata to Belur Math Distance

The distance from main Kolkata to Belur Math is 10 km but if you want to go to Belur ground from Kolkata you can go by train or bus. If you want to go by train, you have to come to Howrah or Sealda station.

Sealdah to Belur Math

Sealdah Station> Dakshineswar station> via Ganga Ferry Ghat> Direct Belur Math

Howrah to Belur Math

Howrah station (Howrah bandel local, Bardhaman local, Katwa local)> Belur Station

From Howrah you can go to Belur Mutt by bus and also if you want to go from Sealdah then you will come to Howrah by bus from Sealdah and you will get Belur Mutt bus from Howrah bus stand.

Kolkata Belur Math Contact No

033 2654 1144
033 2654 1180

Q&A: Kolkata Belur Math

What is Belur Math famous for?

Belur Math was established in 1998 and is the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission and its organizations. Belur Mutt is located in Belur town of Howrah district of West Bengal.

Can I stay in Belur Math?

The Belur Math has a guesthouse where the disciples of the Ramakrishna Mission and its functionaries can stay.

Is mobile phone allowed in Belur Math?

Yes, you can enter Belur Math with mobile phone but mobile phones are prohibited in certain places inside the Math.

How much time required to visit Belur Math?

If you go to Belur Math with 2 to 3 hours time, you can visit the entire Belur Math.

What is the time of Aarti in Belur?

Aarti is organized at Belur Mutt at 5:30 pm and it is noteworthy that a bell is rung to attract the attention of the visitors.

Which is the nearest metro station Belur Math Kolkata?

Dum Dum Metro Station is the nearest metro station to Kolkata Belur Mutt but the easiest way to reach Belur Mutt is by local train. You will get direct train from Howrah to Belur Math.

What is the entry fee of Belur Math?

There is no entry fee to enter Belur Math, you can enter inside the Math for free.

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