Kolkata Science City Attraction, Ticket Price, Direction

Kolkata Science City: Kolkata Science City is one of the famous tourist centers of Kolkata. Science City is one of the world’s science museums, where people can get entertainment as well as education. Science City was first opened on July 1, 1997. In today’s article, we will introduce readers to some of the most interesting places in Science City. Also about Kolkata Science City Attraction, Kolkata Science City Direction, Kolkata Science City ticket price etc.

Kolkata Science City is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Kolkata, West Bengal. Science City is a unit of Kolkata National Council of Science Museum. It is under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, and is currently the largest science center in India. Today’s article will discuss about Kolkata Science City ticket price, Kolkata Science City Direction, Kolkata Science City Location, Kolkata Science City Attraction and more educational information. Be sure to follow our website for more such information.

Kolkata Science City

SubjectKolkata Science City
LocationEastern Metropolitan Bypass, Near J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata
Created onJuly 1, 1997
Area50 acres

History of Kolkata Science City

Kolkata Science City is one of the most attractive places in Kolkata, spread over 50 acres of land. For more than 100 years, it was the dumping ground of Kolkata city’s garbage. Science City in Kolkata is a perfect place to have fun and learn science. There are two facilities, one is the Science Center and the other is the Convention Center. The convention center complex was inaugurated on 21 December 1996 by Jozef Crutzen and the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Bose. The Science Center was inaugurated on 1 July 1997 by the then Prime Minister Indra Kumar Yadav.

Kolkata Science City Entry Fee

All families having BPL card can enter Science City with photocopy of BPL card and photo ID with an entry fee of just Rs.5 per person. The following entry fees are per person, entry fee rates are variable, unless otherwise specified.

Entry Fee for General Visitors

places of interest₹ Per Head
Science City entry60.00
Evolution Of Life – A Dark Ride40.00
Panorama On Human Evolution60.00
Combined Rates For Dark Ride and Human Evolution80.00
Science On A Sphere New40.00
3D Theater30.00
Time MachineTemporarily Closed
Space TheaterTemporarily Closed
Road train20.00
Cable car48.00

Entry Fee for Organized Groups

places of interest₹ Per Head
Science City entry50.00
Space TheaterTemporarily Closed
3D Theater25.00
Cable car38.00

Entry Fee for Organized School Groups

places of interest₹ Per Head
Science City entry30.00
Evolution Of Life – A Dark Ride40.00
Panorama On Human Evolution60.00
Combined Rates For Dark Ride and Human Evolution80.00
Science On A Sphere New40.00
3D Theater30.00
Space TheaterTemporarily Closed
Cable car28.00

Entry Fee for Under Privileged Groups

places of interest₹ Per Head
Science City entry50.00
Science On A Sphere New05.00
3D Theater10.00
Space TheaterTemporarily Closed
Cable car28.00

Kolkata Science City Location

One of the Science City located in the heart of Kolkata is located on J.B.S Haldane Avenue on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, next to the Park Circus connecting crossing. It is easily accessible by bus or cab from Bidhannagar, Sealda or Dumdum railway stations.

Kolkata Science City Opening Time

Kolkata Science City is open 365 days a year i.e. Monday to Sunday 09.00am to 08.00pm, excluding holidays only. The ticket counter is open till 07.00pm.

Monday – 9.00am – 8.00pm
Tuesday – 9.00am – 8.00pm
Wednesday – 9.00am – 8.00pm
Thursday – 9.00am – 8.00pm
Friday – 9.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday – 9.00am – 8.00pm
Sunday – 9.00am – 8.00pm

Monday9.00am – 8.00pm
Tuesday9.00am – 8.00pm
Wednesday9.00am – 8.00pm
Thursday 9.00am – 8.00pm
Friday 9.00am – 8.00pm
Saturday9.00am – 8.00pm
Sunday 9.00am – 8.00pm

Kolkata Science City Ticket Price

The entrance fee of Kolkata Science City is between 50 Rupees to 60 Rupees. This ticket price varies from place to place and above mentioned ticket price is discussed on per person basis. There is no extra charge for videography or photography. A Must-Know Fact School students or students of other government and private schools can visit Science City separately through the Education Department package. Parking is free for school buses.

Kolkata science city attractions

Kolkata Science City is an ideal place for learning and fun. There are various science attractions, rides, as well as an aquarium that houses a variety of species including exotic fish, insects. There is also Science Exploration, Science Park which will witness an exciting and knowledge-rich experience for the visitors. 29.90 billion people have visited Science City since its inception in 1997. People come here not only from Kolkata and outside Kolkata but also from different parts of India and from different countries outside India. Let’s know about Kolkata Science City Attraction

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey, there are different types of theaters including 3D Theater, Space Theater, Van-De-Graaff Generator, space science, various exhibitions of space science, spinning platform, time machine, mirror magic and many more.

The shows that will be shown in the 3D theater are based on Polaroid stereo back projection system which gives you a 3D experience.

The Space Theater is a Helios Star Ball Platorium, with 150 projectors and a large format film projection system. 360 spectators can sit together in the 23 meter diameter dome and enjoy the pleasure of this theater.

Mirror Magic In a maze made of mirrors, visitors can be confused by their own reflection. There are 35 exhibits including the Carving Tunnel, Float in the Air, head on a platter, infinite train.

The time machine has room for 30 people. This time machine is a simulator, where audio and visual projections synchronize with the motion of the capsule to provide a virtual experience of space flight.

Earth Exploration Hall

This Earth Exploration Hall was opened for exhibition on December 6, 2008 at Science City. The then Union Culture Minister Ambika Soni inaugurated this Earth Exploration Hall. It is a gallery with a diameter of 25 meters, the upper floor of this gallery displays exhibits from the Northern Hemisphere and the lower floor displays exhibits from the Southern Hemisphere. There is a huge model of the earth located in the center of this hall, various geological details of the earth, human, plant, animal evolution etc. are displayed here.

Dynamotion Hall

This hall is a large spiral building, which houses various exhibits on physical science. Various strange and exciting exhibits of science can be found in this gallery, with adequate explanations of various scientific phenomena.

This hall has many sections and each section has many interesting exhibits. There is a piano on the floor of this hall. Where you can make music by walking. Also includes Deep Well, Floating Ball, Illusion, Aquarium, Biodiversity, Physical Science, Nano Lab, Science Show, Power of 10.

Power of Ten is an exhibition, a panel-based exhibition consisting of 43 exhibits that reveal the mysteries of the universe. There is a scale of 10 from smallest to largest, through which you can compare the size of objects.

This is the most popular indoor freshwater aquarium. There are a total of 39 aquarium tanks, housing over 1000 species of freshwater animals. You will get a chance to see aquatic animals in this aquarium exhibition. The most attractive in the aquarium’s collection are piranha fish, black angels, Swift Moving silver dollar, Octopus, etc.

In the Butterfly Enclave you can see different species of butterflies and watch documentaries on their life cycles.

Maritime Center

This part of Science City has been developed in collaboration with the Kolkata Port Trust. Indian maritime history is depicted in this part of Science City. The building is in the shape of a ship covering an area of about 700 square meters and contains some exhibits, which are scale models, navigation systems etc.

Outdoor Science Park

Outdoor science parks help visitors learn more about environmental science. The park has several rides including caterpillar ride, musical fountain, gravity coaster, cable car, monorail cycle, butterfly nursery, road train and many more.

Science Exploration Hall

Inaugurated in 2016, the Science Exploration Hall was built over an area of 5400 square meters divided into four main sections. These are the four categories

Science and technology heritage of India
Panorama on human evolution (360 degree projection)
Evolution of life – A dark ride
Gallery on emerging technologies

Kolkata science city Direction

Kolkata Science City can be reached by various routes, below are the various routes to reach Science City.

Nearest Metro Station:

Kolkata Science City, Kolkata science city Direction,

The nearest metro station to reach Kolkata Science City is Rabindra Sadan. Science City is located at a distance of 6.6 km from this metro station. It takes 15 minutes to reach Science City from metro station. You can easily reach Science City from metro station by hiring a taxi or cab (ola, ubar).

By road:

There are many easy ways to reach Science City by road, the easiest way to reach Science City is by taking a cab like Ola or Uber.

From Sealdah:

Kolkata Science City, Kolkata science city Direction,

First you have to go to Bidhan Nagar station next to Sealda station > take bus from Bidhan Nagar to Ruby Hospital > from there you have to alight at ITC Sonar Bangla > science city which is opposite to it.

From Howrah:

If you want to come via Howrah then you have to first come by bus to Sealda station > from Sealda station to Bidhan Nagar station > from there you can book Ola cab or take local bus to reach Science City

FAQ: Kolkata Science City

How much is Kolkata Science City ticket price?

Ticket price for general visitors is between Rs.50 to Rs.60.

When is Science City open?

Science City opens at 09.00am.

When does Science City close?

Science City closes at 08.00pm.

When is the deadline for booking Science City tickets?

Last time for Science City ticket booking is 07.00pm.

Is Science City open on Sundays?

Yes! Science City is open on Sundays.

Which is the nearest metro station to Science City?

Nearest metro stations to Science City are Rabindra Sadan and Varun Sengupta Metro Stations.

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