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Kolkata Zoo: Located in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, the zoo is popularly known as Kolkata Alipore Zoological Garden, Alipore Zoo or Kolkata Zoo. Kolkata Alipore Zoological Garden has made a special name as the busiest tourist center in Kolkata and West Bengal. It is one of the oldest zoos in India. This zoological garden has 1,266 types and 108 species of animals, birds and reptiles.

Kolkata Zoo or Kolkata Alipore Zoo has been home to various animals, birds and reptiles for the past 140 years. Among the various animals and reptiles housed in this zoo, a turtle was very famous. The giant tortoise named Aldabra died in 2006, the tortoise was 250 years old at the time of death. In today’s article we will discuss some such strange facts about Kolkata Zoo. The topic of today’s article is Kolkata Zoo ticket price, Kolkata Zoo online ticket, Kolkata Zoo address, Kolkata Zoo open time table, Kolkata Zoo Animals List.

Kolkata Zoo

SubjectKolkata Zoo
ZooKolkata Alipur Zoo
Launched24th September, 1875
AddressNo 2, Alipore Road, Alipore, Kolkata-27, West Bengal, India
Total area46.5 acres
Animals No.1266
Animal species No.108
Tourists annually3 million
Close 05.00pm
Ticket counter open09:00am to 4:30pm

West Bengal’s most popular Kolkata Alipore Zoological Garden becomes most majestic during the winter season of the year. People from different parts of the country come to visit Kolkata Alipore Zoological Garden during winter as migratory birds from different places appear in Kolkata Zoo during this time, due to which the visitors are specially attracted here.

Kolkata Zoo Ticket Price

Ticket price in Kolkata Alipur Zoo is very low. Below is a detailed discussion about ticket price of Kolkata Alipore Zoo. Tickets for children above 5 years and adults are Rs.25, Monday to Friday (except Thursdays). Rs.30 on Sundays, Saturdays and other public holidays. Ticket price for children below 5 years is Rs.10. Aquarium charge Rs.5, camera no charge, video shoot 250 Rs. per hour.

Entry fee

AgeDayTicket Price
AdultsMonday to Friday (except Thursday)25 Rs.
Below 5 yearsMonday to Friday (except Thursday)10 Rs.
AdultsSaturday, Sunday, Holidays30 Rs.
Below 5 yearsSaturday, Sunday, Holidays10 Rs.

Other ticket prices

Aquarium charges5 Rs.
Camera chargenill
Video Shoot chargeRs.250/ hour

How to book Online Ticket

Tickets for entry to Kolkata Zoo can be easily booked online. Information on how to book tickets online is discussed in detail below.

  • First you need to visit the official website of Alipore Zoo Kolkata portal
  • From the website you will come to the homepage
  • From the home page you have to select the E-ticket option, you will get this option at the end of all
  • E-Ticket From option you will come to ticket booking page
  • In ticket booking option you need to provide some details
  • From the booking page you have to select the exact day of your ticket booking through the calendar
  • Children above five years of age or adults should enter details
  • Children up to five years should write details
  • For ticket booking you need to provide your name, email id, mobile number at the appropriate place
  • Here you will find an option of video photography. If you choose this option then you will have to pay an additional Rs.250
  • Then you have to choose ‘book tickets now
  • A new page will open in front of you where you have to accept all the terms and conditions and pay for the ticket
  • After clicking on Pay Now option, ticket booking receipt and entry ticket details will be sent to your mobile number and email id.
  • You can enter by showing the ticket booking receipt and entry ticket sent to your mobile number and email id at the zoo ticket counter.

Note: You can buy Kolkata Zoo offline tickets from ticket counter at Kolkata Zoo Main Gate.

Kolkata Zoo Open Time Table

Before visiting Kolkata Alipore Zoo you must know when the zoo opens for public and when it closes for public. After knowing the opening and closing time of the zoo you can enter the zoo according to that time.

Kolkata Zoo Open Time Table

Zoo Opening Time09.00am
Zoo Closing Time05.00pm
Aquarium opening time10.30am
Aquarium Closing Time05.00pm
Ticket Counter Opening Time09.00am
Ticket Counter Closing Time04.30pm

Note: Kolkata Alipore Zoo is closed only on Thursdays of the week. If there is a public holiday on Thursday then the zoo will be open on that particular Thursday and the zoo will be closed on the following day. Kolkata Zoo is open seven days a week from 15 December to 31 January.

Kolkata Zoo Address

Address – Zoological Gardens, Alipore No. 2, Alipore Road, Kolkata 700027, West Bengal, India
Phone Number – +91 33 2479 1150, +91 33 2439 9391
Fax Number – +91 33 2479 1585

Kolkata Zoo Destination

Kolkata Alipore Zoo is located on Alipore Road in Kolkata, West Bengal. This road goes from Belvedere to Jerut Bridge.

Nearest Metro Station:

The nearest metro station to reach Kolkata Alipore Zoo is Netaji Bhavan. You have to take metro train from Dum Dum station to Netaji Bhavan. Kolkata Alipore Zoo is located just 2 km from Netaji Bhavan Metro Station. You can hire a taxi to come here or you can easily reach here by booking any cab.

Nearest Bus Station:

The nearest bus station to Kolkata Alipore Zoo is Ekbalpur Bus Station. Kolkata Alipore Zoo is located a short distance from here.

From Sealdah Station:

You can easily reach Kolkata Alipore Zoo by taking bus line 12 from Sealda station. To reach the zoo you need to pay bus fare 25 to 35 Rs. The distance is 7.5 km and it will take you 38 to 40 minutes to reach Kolkata Zoo by bus. You can also book a cab (Ola,Uber) from Sealdah station to reach Kolkata Zoo in which case it will take you only 18 to 20 minutes.

From Howrah Station:

It will take you an hour or so to reachKolkata Alipore Zoo from Howrah station. You can reach Kolkata Alipore Zoo by bus line 129 or line 77, in which case your bus ticket will cost around 40 to 70 rupees. If you want to reach Kolkata Zoo from Howrah station by taxi then your taxi fare will be between 230Rs. to 290Rs.

Kolkata Zoo Animals List

Kolkata Alipore Zoo houses a large number of mammals, birds and reptiles from India and various countries around the world. The zoo has a total of 1,266 animals comprising of carnivorous and herbivorous primates with a total number of 108 species. Kolkata Zoo Animals List is discussed in detail below.


Kolkata Zoo Mammals

Alipur Zoo has a total of 35 species of mammals. This includes some mammals, carnivores and a mixture of primates. Carnivorous mammals include Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Jaguar, Jungle Cat, Fish Cat, Sloth-Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Stripped Hyena etc.

Herbivorous mammals include Barasingha, Breaking Deer, Chital, Eastern Gray Kangaroo, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Nilgai, Sambar Deer, Grant’s Zebra, Bonnet Macaque, Common Marmoset, Four Horned Antelope, A One-horned Rhinoceros etc.

Primates include Chimpanzee, Hamadryas Baboon, Olive Baboon, Common Marmoset, Whereas, Bonnet Monkey, Assamese Monkey, Common Languor etc.

Kolkata Zoo Birds

Alipur Zoo is home to various migratory birds. Alipur Zoo has a total of 57 species of birds. Various exotic birds gather in this zoo during winter. Apart from migratory birds, Golden Pheasant, Silver Pheasant, Lady Amherst’s, Green Pheasant, Asian Openbill, Bhutan Gray Peacock Pheasant etc can be seen here.

Alipore Zoo has different types of cockatoo birds, the cockatoo bird species include Bare Eyed Cockatoo, Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Citron Created Cockatoo Blue Macaw, yellow Macaw, Red Macaw etc.

Alipore Zoo also hosts a number of box birds including Asian Openbill, Bar Headed Goose, Black Swan, Black Headed Ibis. Apart from cockatoos, migratory bucks, cranes, there are various types of tea birds, myna birds, emu birds, ostriches, different species of pigeons, peacocks, cranes etc.

Kolkata Zoo Reptiles

Alipur Zoo has a total of 22 species of reptiles. Alipore Zoo has a special house for reptiles called ‘The Reptiles House’. This reptile house has separate rooms designed for each reptile. Separate glass cages have been created for snakes and each glass cage has been tried to be as realistic as possible. Among the various snake species here are Indian Python, Indian Cobra, Banded Krait, Checkered Keelback, Water Snake, Indian Rat Snake, Reticulated Pythons etc.

Apart from snakes among the reptiles, there is a separate room for crocodiles where there are different types of crocodiles like salt water crocodile, Ganges crocodile, gharial etc. Besides, Asian Water Monitor, Mugger Crocodile, Tokay Gecko, Yellow Monitor, different types of Tortoise can be seen in this zoo.

Kolkata Zoo History

Around the 18th century, Governor General Richard Wellesley of Calcutta built a zoo based on his personal wishes, which is now known as Alipore Zoo. Let’s know in detail about the history of Kolkata Zoo.

The idea of establishing the first zoo in Calcutta came in 1842 from the then Curator of the Asiatic Society Museum, Dr. John McClelland. But his efforts failed. Exactly 20 years later i.e. in 1867, the then president of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Dr. Joseph Burt Fire again proposed to build a zoo in Calcutta.

After the proposal of construction of Kolkata Alipore Zoological Garden came forward, the people of that time saw positive signs from its side. But that plan was scrapped due to lack of suitable space. Then in 1873, the then Postmaster of the Government of India, Carl Louis Schwendier again made plans to build the Calcutta Zoo. That plan was put on hold again for the time being due to lack of suitable space.

A total of three attempts to build the Calcutta Zoo failed. However, in 1875, a plot of land was allotted at Alipore, Calcutta, and on 24 September 1875, approval for the construction of the Calcutta Zoo came from the Lt. Governor General of Bengal. Many grants were received from various sources for the construction of Calcutta Zoo. These donations started coming from both British and Indian sources.

To describe the history of Kolkata Alipore Zoological Garden, one persone’s name must be mentioned. Rai Bahadur Ram Brahma Sanyal, the first superintendent of the zoo. Who specialized in the improvement and maintenance of animals in zoos. He made a special contribution to the well-treated nutrition and observation of every animal in Kolkata Zoo. He had sufficient records on every animal, bird, reptile. The records used to record all the information about the animals. Later on these records a book was published for the first time called A” handbook of the management of wild animals in captivity in lower Bengal“.

FAQ: Kolkata Zoo

What is tha Ticket Price of Kolkata Zoo?

Tickets for children above 5 years and adults are Rs.25, Monday to Friday (except Thursdays). Rs.30 on Sundays, Saturdays and other public holidays. Ticket price for children below 5 years is Rs.10. Aquarium charge Rs.5, camera no charge, video shoot 250 Rs. per hour.

Which Days Kolkata Zoo Closed?

Kolkata Alipore Zoo is closed only on Thursdays of the week. If there is a public holiday on Thursday then the zoo will be open on that particular Thursday and the zoo will be closed on the following day. Kolkata Zoo is open seven days a week from 15 December to 31 January.

What is Kolkata Zoo Open Time?

Zoo Opening Time 09.00 am.

What is Kolkata Zoo close Time?

Zoo close Time 05.00 pm.

What is the largest zoo in Kolkata?

The Alipore zoo is the largest zoo in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Which is the nearest metro station of zoo in Kolkata?

Nearest metro station to Alipur zoo Kolkata is Netaji metro station

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