What is Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023

What is Right to Health Bill Rajasthan: Rajasthan has become the first state in India to enact a law that makes access to healthcare a legal right of every resident of the state with the passage of the Right To Health Bill by the state assembly.

On March 21, a bill was passed in the state assembly in our country, which is called the Right to Health Bill. The biggest protests against the law started since the bill was passed. This groundbreaking law made Rajasthan the first state in India to make access to healthcare a legal right for every citizen of the state.

What is Right To Health Bill Rajasthan 2023?

You can get detailed information about this bill which was introduced in the state assembly recently from this post of hours. Here are the details about What is Right To Health Bill Rajasthan.

  • Right To Health Bill Under this Act every resident of the state will have the right to get free medical treatment including emergency treatment without pre-payment in any health institution.
  • No official or doctor of a government or private hospital can refuse any person for emergency treatment.
  • This bill provides free health services to every resident of Rajasthan at any clinical institution.
  • Anyone in Rajasthan can get free outdoor and indoor patient services, medicines, consultation and diagnostics at any public health institution.
  • No upfront payment is required for emergency treatment and patient care at every health care center.
  • Every resident of the state will get referral transport axis by every health care institution.
  • Every citizen of Rajasthan will get free transport, medical and free insurance coverage in case of road accidents from all healthcare institutions under this bill.
  • This bill has been introduced by the Rajasthan government to provide the best medical facilities to the people of the state. But a few problems have come to the fore in this trend.

Right To Health Bill Rajasthan: Section 19(1)(G)

  • An analysis by the non-profit PRS Legislative Research found that the bill does not specify whether the state will allow private clinical institutions in the state to provide services for free. which may violate Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution.
  • The bill states that private institutions will be under an obligation to provide free services to citizens. In that case, if the government does not bear the cost, then the private institutions will probably close down.
  • A portal has been opened for complaints to district health authorities. The bill does not specify who will have access to the web portal. In that case patient privacy may be violated.

Right To Health Bill Rajasthan: Right to Life

In 1966, the Supreme Court (Article 21) informed about the right to life (Right To Life) which includes the right to health and indicated the obligation of the state governments to provide health services and listed public health and sanitation including hospital dispensaries in the state as per the constitution.

In 2018 the National Commission of Human Rights (NHRC) drafted a bill on patient rights to be implemented by state governments. Chief Minister Chiranjeevi launched many schemes to ensure health coverage, including the Swasthya Bima Yojana. Under which around 1,550 government and private hospitals across the state will get health coverage under this scheme.

The Rajasthan Right To Health Bill was introduced in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly on 22 September 2022. The bill was sent to a select committee headed by Health Minister Persadi Lal Meena.

Various private hospitals and nursing homes have already been closed for several days after the introduction of this bill. As a result, the pressure on patients in government hospitals has increased. Also, the doctors of the government hospitals are continuing the agitation by boycotting the work together with the agitating private practitioners.

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