What is the state flower of West Bengal

What is the state flower of West Bengal: There are many varieties of flowers all over the world. They grow in different climates around the world. And among them some flowers are recognized as national flowers of different countries or states. Similarly, the lotus has been recognized as the national flower of India. Different states of India also have some national flowers. But we all know what is the national flower of India, but many may not know what is the national flower of West Bengal or what is the state flower of West Bengal.

The state flower of West Bengal is inextricably linked with the sentiments of West Bengal . The scent of which makes autumn sweeter is the Shiuli flower . Almost everyone knows Shiuli flower but not many people know that it is the national flower or the state flower of West Bengal.

What is the state flower of West Bengal ?

A – Shiuli flower.

West Bengal State flower name ?

Ans – Night flowering jasmine.

What is the state flower of West Bengal

Other Names of Shiuli Flower –

A flower of the nictanthes genus is the shiuli flower. The scientific name of Shiuli flower is – Nyctanthes Arbor tristis (Nyctanthes Arbor tristis) . In English it is called Night Flower Jusmine (Night Flower Jasmine). Not only Shiuli, this flower has several other names, such as – In Bengal, this flower is called Shefali, Shefalika in addition to Shiuli. In Marathi it is called ‘ Parijat ‘. In Orissa, Shiuli flower is called ‘ Ganga Shiuli ‘. Also in Sanskrit this flower is called Hersinger Pushpak, Malika etc.

Description of Shiuli plants and flowers –

State Flower of West Bengal: Basically, this flower is seen blooming in the month of autumn i.e. English October. The light mist of autumn and the fragrance of Shiuli flowers make the environment more beautiful in winter. This flower blooms during Durga Puja, the best festival of West Bengal. At the beginning of autumn, the smell of Shiuli flowers in the air reminds us that Puja is coming. This flower is amazing in form and smell. It is a flower with small petals, the center and stem of which is orange in color, the rest is white in color. Flowers are smaller than 2 finger tips. The flowers smell as good as they look. Shiuli tree is a shrub. But if this tree is planted in the garden, it becomes much bigger in shape. The leaves of this plant are rough in nature. Besides, small fruits or seeds can be seen in this tree after the flowers fall. These are round flat type.

Shiuli Flower Name Meaning –

The scientific name of Shiuli flower is Nyctanthes Arbor tristis (Nyctanthes Arbor tristis). Its flowers bloom in the evening and fall in the morning, this tree loses its beauty in daylight. Hence it is called the tree of depression or sadness . What is the scientific name of Chiuli flower in Latin ‘ Nictanthus arboretum tristis ‘ the full name means evening drop and sad tree.

What is the state flower of West Bengal

Medicinal properties and benefits of Shiuli plant

Just as siuly flowers multiply the mood of autumn, this plant also has several medicinal properties. Which makes the tree an attractive and wonderful tree. The special medicinal properties of the plant are –

1. Shiuli leaves have a bitter taste, so if you have problems with stomach worms, drinking the juice of Shiuli leaves will reduce the problem of worms.
2. Along with the leaves of the Shiuli tree, the bark or bark of the Shiuli tree has special properties. The bark of Shiuli tree is dried and crushed in the sun and consumed with warm water in the morning and afternoon to reduce excess body fat.
3. Shiuli is also very effective in malaria. In case of malaria, the juice of Shiuli leaves is beneficial to cure it.
4. Shiuli leaf juice is very useful in curing skin diseases like acne. Drinking two to three drops of Shiuli leaf juice daily can help you get rid of acne quickly.
5. Also, the juice of this leaf helps to eliminate dandruff.
6. Shiuli leaves are the best medicine to cure the pain of arthritis. If you boil two tulsi leaves and two shiuli leaves together in water and drink that water every day, you get relief from the pain of arthritis.
7. Shiuli is very useful in not only arthritis but also in dam and sciatica pain. A few tulsi leaves and shiuli leaves boiled in little water and consumed will provide relief.
8. Shiuli leaf juice is also very effective in reducing fever.
9. Shiuli leaf juice can be consumed to brighten the skin.

Other Uses of Shiuli Flower –

State Flower of West Bengal: The national flower or the state flower of West Bengal is Shiuli. And this flower has got the status of national or state flower due to its various qualities. Apart from its several medicinal properties, it also has other uses. This flower is specially used in Bengali house-to-house puja and Durga Puja in mandap. In addition to Puja, Shiuli flowers are used to make dyes. According to Hinduism, Shiuliflower is a flower that is used in puja even after falling to the ground.

Where to find shiuli flower –

The state flower of West Bengal is the Xiuli flower, which is the provincial or state flower of Kanchaburi, Thailand, in addition to West Bengal. Not only West Bengal and Kanchaburi, this flower is found in many parts of South Asia, such as – India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan etc.

State Flower of West Bengal

state flower of West Bengal Shiuli Traditional story –

There is a beautiful story about this Shiuli tree. The story is that once upon a time a princess named Parijatika wished the sun with love. But he did not find him in any way and committed suicide. This tree was born from the ashes of his body. Just like the failed love of princess Parijatika, this flower also falls like tears on the face of the sun. And only the scent of love remains.

Jasmine flower and Shiuli flower is the same flower?

Jui and Xiuli are two different types of flowers. However, both these flowers are considered to belong to the genus or genus Jasmine . Jasmine or belliflower is a creeping shrub and its flowers are multi-petalled. On the other hand, shrubs and trees like trees. It is a flower with five petals. Jasmine flowers are completely white in color. And the center of Shiuli flower and the stem is orange in color and the petals are white. So these two are completely different flowers.

Flowering period of Shiuli –

The state flowers of West Bengal blooms from late August to early November. That is, this flower is available throughout the autumn and winter of Bengal. Which fills the dewy morning with fragrance.

What is the state flower of West Bengal

Cultivation method of shiuli flower in tub –

State Flower of West Bengal: This plant grows and flowers well in garden soil without special care, but it is also possible to grow this flower in a tub. Those who want to make this tree on the roof can do it easily. However, cultivation in tubs requires some care.

To cultivate this plant in a tub, he needs to buy a seedling from a nursery or store and plant it in a tub. Since it is a bushy plant and grows a lot, the tub will need to be changed as the plant grows. It is better to plant in a small tub first and then in a big tub.

State Flower of West Bengal: To prepare the soil for this plant, take a quantity of normal garden soil or loam and mix with it some dung manure or leaf manure and a little mustard shell and a little bone powder. After that, close the hole at the bottom of the tub with mulch and sand and plant the seedling with soil. Applying organic fertilizer once a month is enough for this plant. There is no special need for chemical fertilizers in the case of Shiuli plants. However, care must be taken at the base of the tree so that water does not accumulate in any way. If you take special care, you will not get much fruit in the first year, but you will get a lot of flowers from the next 2-3 years.

Shiuli plant shaker grows very quickly. So sometimes the extra shaker should be cut off during soil change. Also, many caterpillars and insects come to this tree and destroy the leaves. Therefore, leaves that are infected with insects should be removed. Besides, if necessary, neem oil should be mixed with water and sprayed. At the end of the flowering season, the stems of the tree should be pruned several times, so that new branches emerge. As the tree will look beautiful in it, flowers will also bloom on each bud.

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