Who is first in Madhyamik 2023 West Bengal

Who is first in Madhyamik 2023: West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has released the result of class 10 exam on 19 May 2023. A total of 698,627 students appeared for class 10 this year, of which 306,253 were boys and 376,068 were girls. Out of total students 565,428 candidates passed the exam successfully, the overall pass percentage is 86.15%. However, the number of candidates in Madhyamik has reduced drastically compared to last year, the number of Madhyamik candidates in 2022 was 11,18,821. However, in 2023, the number of female candidates was 22.8% more than that of boys.

In today’s article we will discuss Who is first in Madhyamik 2023, Who is the topper of Madhyamik 2023, Who is second in Madhyamik 2023, Who is third in Madhyamik 2023 etc. Apart from that, which district did they study in which school and what is the reason for such success, I will try to highlight their interviews given by the media.

SubjectWBBSE 1st Rank
Exam Date23 February to 4 March 2023
Result Date19 May 2023
StateWest Bengal

Who is first in Madhyamik 2023

Devadutta Majhi, a resident of Katwa in East Burdwan district, got first in Madhyamik 2023, his marks were 697. Devadutta studied at Durga Dasi Chaudhurani Girls High School in Katwa. Besides, there are 2 students in the second position and 6 students in the third position. Below you can know the names of these students, their schools, etc.

Who is the topper of Madhyamik 2023

Devadutta Majhi

Devadutta Majhi studied at Katwa Durgadasi Chaudhurani Girls High School in East Burdwan district. This year his marks in secondary examination are 697 out of 700 and his percentage is 99.57%. How many marks Devadutta Majhi got in any subject is given in the table below,

Devadutta Majhi Marksheet

Life Science100

Devadutta Majhi Success

In a media interview, Devadutta attributed his success to his parents, school teachers and private tutors. He had private tutors for every subject and studied for about 10 to 12 hours a day, never more than that. Besides, Devadutta also said that he wakes up at 8 am, he was not in the habit of studying early in the morning. He first learned about his success online.

Devadutta always stood first in his school, this time he stood first for the entire state. He said that he used to study late at night, never too late, from 11 to 11.30. Besides, his mother helped him a lot in his studies, especially in the field of life sciences. He also gave credit to his school teachers and private tutors.

Devadutta Majhi: Future Education

Devadutta said that in the future he wants to study engineering and he also wants to study at IIT. Currently, he has already started studying in science department to prepare for high school.

Who is second in Madhyamik 2023

Rifat Hassan Sarkar- Rifat Hassan Sarkar of Malda district is ranked second in 2023 secondary examination with 691 marks, percentage 98.7%.

Subham Pal- Purba Burdwan district is also among the top 3 candidates in Subham Pal Madhyamik 2023 today. Shubham studied in Purva Burdwan Municipal School, he got 691 marks, percentage 98.7%. He is joint second in secondary.

Who is third in Madhyamik 2023

Third place in Madhyamik has total 6 students with total marks obtained 690, percentage 98.57%. They are Arka Mandal, Saumyadeep Mallick, MD Sarbar Imtiaz, Mihir Hussain, Swaraj Pal. Security has jointly secured third position in Madhyamik 2023 examination.

Notably, there are a total of 118 students in the top ten in the 2023 secondary examination. While there are 21 students from Malda district, no student from any school in Kolkata could make it to the top 10.

District Wise Top 3 Madhyamik Result 2023

In terms of districts in West Bengal, as in previous years, East Medinipur district has the highest pass rate in secondary, followed by Kalimpong, Kolkata West Medinipur.

1.East Medinipur96.81%

We wish all the students who passed the Madhyamik exam 2023 for their bright future. We hope that many more such students will reach the pinnacle of success in the future. Follow our website all the time to get various news about such studies, scholarships etc.

Q&A: Who is first in Madhyamik 2023

Who is the topper of Madhyamik 2023

Devadutta Majhi 2023 secured first position in Madhyamik examination with total marks of 697.

Which district of West Bengal has the highest pass rate in secondary?

East Midnapore district has the highest pass percentage with a percentage of 96.81%.

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