Who is Number One Youtuber in Asia

Who is Number One Youtuber in Asia: YouTube is a popular social media platform with millions of people spending their time every day And YouTubers are making money by converting all these viewers into their subscribers. In the same way, today we will discuss about the number of subscribers of the no. 1 YouTuber in Asia, who is Number One Youtuber in Asia, how many years he has been uploading videos on YouTube etc. You will also find this article about India’s number one YouTuber, because the number one YouTuber in Asia right now is an Indian Boy.

Who is Number One Youtuber in Asia

Currently, the number one YouTuber in India and Asia is “Ajey Nagar”, whose YouTube channel is called ” CarryMinati “, which has 40 million subscribers. Ajay Nagar or as we know as CarryMinati on YouTube from Faridabad, Delhi, India. He is famous for creating roast videos on YouTube. He has uploaded many roast videos on the YouTube channel which have become very popular with the viewers in india. Apart from CarryMinati, he has another YouTube channel where he uploads gaming videos and streams gaming live. CarryMinati’s gaming channel name is “Carryislive”. This channel has 12 million subscribers .

Number One Youtuber in Asia: The Story

Those who follow CarryMinati on YouTube must know that CarryMinati always likes to make roast videos and during the PUBG game, he used to live stream his gaming channelCarryislive” every day. Where almost lakhs of viewers came to watch his live streaming. He also has very funny and uplode interesting videos in his gaming channel which attract the audience very much.

His biggest contribution to becoming Number One Youtuber in Asia was a roast video he made in 2020, the video was titled “YouTube VS Tik Tok – The End “. Those who have seen the video must know that the video was an awesome roast video. As soon as it was released on YouTube, the video went viral and created a record number of likes for the video. But YouTube deleted the video from their channel because they said the video was against their terms and conditions. However, during that time, the number of subscribers in carryminati channel increased a lot. A few days later he uploaded another video called “Yalgaar ”. This video is also very viral which currently has 17 million likes and 332 million views.

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Number One Youtuber in Asia CarryMinati

NameAjay Nagar
Channel nameCarryMinati
Number of subscribers40 million
Total views on the channel340 CR

Gaming YouTube channel of Ajay Nagar

Channel nameCarryislive
Number of subscribers12 million
Total views on the channel154 CR

CarryMinati Bio, Wiki

NameAjay Nagar
Date of birth12 June 1999
Place of birthFaridabad, Haryana
SchoolDPS, Faridabad
CollegeDid not study
The countryIndia

The Family of CarryMinati

Father’s NameVivek Nagar
Mother’s NameUnknown
Brother’s NameYash Nagar or Wily Frenzy

The story of Ajay Nagar to Become CarryMinati

CarryMinati may be known by the youngster of India but nobody knew him when he first started YouTube in 2008-09. Yes CarryMinati or Ajay Nagar first entered youtube in 2008 when he was only 8 years old. At that time he used to post football tutorials on YouTube and his channel was called “Stealth Fearzz”. But as his channel did not attract viewers, he closed the channel. Then in 2014 he opened another YouTube channel called “Addicted A1”. In this channel, he used to play games, commentary on games, along with mimicry on Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Dewal. But he failed in this channel too.

After that he opened another YouTube channel named “Leafyishere”. He used to upload roast videos on this channel. In 2015 he changed his channel name to “CarryDeol”. After that he changed the name of the channel again, this time he named the channel “CarryMinati”. The channel you are currently watching today.

CarryMinati’s turning point on YouTube

The year 2019 became the turning point of his YouTube career when he made a roast video with Bhuban Bam, one of the most popular YouTubers in India. His video went viral on YouTube at that time. Also, in that year, music videos like “Bye PewDiePie”, “Trigger”, “Zindagi”, “Warrior” etc. became very popular on YouTube. In 2020, he received a diamond play button from YouTube.

Popular dialogue of CarryMinati
– To kaise hain aap log (To kaise hain aap log)

  • Maggi Khao Body Bnao
  • Wildest Parties of India
  • Yalgaar
  • Ladkiyon ka best friend

FAQ: Number One Youtuber in Asia

What is the name of Ajay Nagar’s YouTube channel?

CarryMinati is the Asia’s number one YouTube channel and his original name Ajay Nagar.

What is the number of subscribers of the CarryMinati YouTube Channel?

40 million or 4 crores.

What is the name of Ajay Nagar’s gaming YouTube channel?

Carryislive is the Ajay Nagar’s gaming YouTube channel.

What is the number of subscribers of Carryislive channel?

12 million or 1.2 crores

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